App Name QUWhatsApp
App Version V32
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category QUWhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7988)

QUWhatsApp is one of the most important chat and messaging applications currently available. The developer released this version and developed it to add amazing features that are not available in other applications. We will mention these features and functions in the rest of the article so you can learn about them. Keep reading to understand all the features and functions of this Pink WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Pink apk download is a powerful and challenging alternative to whatsapps version as QUWhatsApp has unique features that other versions do not have. To make sure of this, scroll to the bottom of the articles to download the program and learn about all its features.

QUWhatsApp Download apk

This version of QUWhatsApp was first released five days ago and has been running smoothly for up to five months. This is the runtime of this version.

The application allows you to activate dark mode.

It is possible to activate the transparent mode.

There is also a built-in VPN proxy.

There is quick access that allows the user to access their private conversations without returning to the home screen.

This version has a feature called “Exploding Text” which allows you to send any number of messages without restrictions.

This version also has a premium text feature that allows you to stylize your texts.

The function of express emotional texts has also been added.

The ability to activate statuses has been introduced, and many improvements have been added to this feature, as is the case with Instagram.

    QUWhatsApp apk

    In this version, the "Effects" option has been restored.

    Several new skins have been added to the Effects option.

    Now user can see "Effects" option when they scroll up or down in chats.

    An “@” symbol appears on the home screen of the Pink WhatsApp app when a user is mentioned in a group.

    The user can view his own messages or messages of others in groups separately.

    The user can now prevent others from adding him to groups, or limit who is allowed to do so.

    The user can control the "Show Read More" option in long messages by enabling or disabling it.

    One of the options that has been restored in this release is auto reply.

    One of the options that has been restored in this release is scheduled messages.

    There is an option to prevent scrolling between chats, statuses, and calls options either to the right or to the left.

    And the user can delete the messages that he sent to any contact, even if these messages were sent a long time ago.

    Many additional options have been added to clean WhatsApp.

    The user can manage the colors in the QUWhatsApp application with additional options added to the application.

    User can manage notifications in Pink WhatsApp with additional options added to the app.

    Many updates have been made in this version, especially in speed and performance.

      WhatsApp Pink

      Pink WhatsApp is an application for communication and social interaction around the world. The developer has released this new version of QUWhatsApp which works smoothly.

      The main reason for releasing this version is that the original Pink WhatsApp app does not have the same features and functionalities as this app.

      While downloading QUWhatsApp apk, you must first download the WhatsApp application from the link at the bottom of this article, which provides a direct and easy download of the program.

      All you have to do is click on this link and then wait for the download and installation of the application to complete.

      However, before activating this feature, you have to go to your phone's settings and enable the option to install apps from unknown sources. QUWhatsApp will be easy and simple to install on your phone.

      What's new in the QUWhatsApp update?

      The developer of QUWhatsApp has added a new application interface.
      Now you can send unlimited messages.
      You can install a large number of chats - up to 1000.
      Fixed issues with loading themes.
      Fixes have also been made to address message lag on some weaker devices.
      The application is completely free, without any payments.
      The WhatsApp application is characterized by simplicity and ease of use.

        About the QUWhatsApp APK update

        This application is completely free, without any payment. It works with excellent quality and versatility and is suitable for all types of work.
        There is this application in every home - WhatsApp Pink and it works on all Android devices, whether low or medium versions.
        No harm to your phone.
        Developer QUWhatsApp has added many unique colors, amazing themes and many more features to make the app attract a lot of people.
        By downloading Pink WhatsApp, the latest anti-ban version, you can hide your Internet connection status.
        Hide that you are writing a message or recording a voice message.
        You can also view your friends' status without letting them know. Go to the application settings to add the function of viewing deleted messages.

          Pink WhatsApp update

          QUWhatsApp has been updated with night mode, and the status download button has been improved.

          Animated stickers feature has been added to the app.

          You can enable the option to hide that you have seen the message until you reply to it.

          This version has been running for more than five months from the date of publication.

          The quick access feature has been added to conversations. You can activate the statuses option to look like Instagram statuses.

          Also, with the new update, the person who tagged you will appear in the group.

          Message scheduling option added.

          This version also has a longer lifespan. More than four months have passed since its publication date.

          This version is more secure and stable than previous versions.

          Some updates have been made Users can now download different stickers to use in conversations with their friends.

          It's easy to see if any of your friends have mentioned you in groups because the "@" symbol will appear on the Pink WhatsApp app's home screen.

          No notification will be shown if the message is forwarded to the other party.

          The version is now smaller than previous versions, at 47 instead of 36.

          It is possible to recover deleted messages easily by opening the profile of the desired conversation and then clicking on the Deleted Messages option at any time.

          Media from the app will no longer be displayed in the photo gallery, but will still be displayed in conversations by opening the media album and clicking on the media.

          Users can mark messages as read using message notifications.

          Users can also block calls without the caller knowing, as this will be indicated “in the call.”

          Users can save their conversations as a zip file and share them with any contact.

          Users can reply to conversations by swiping left or right on the conversation.

          There is an option to save reading position that allows the user to go back to the last read QUWhatsApp conversation so as not to miss any conversations.

          It's easy to make group calls with contacts on WhatsApp Pink.

            Download QUWhatsApp

            With this QUWhatsApp update, users can enable the Picture-in-Picture feature.

            In this QUWhatsApp version, users can set the notification duration when clicking on deleted messages.

            Users can change the themes in the stickers section.

            The developers have solved the problem with calls related to hidden conversations appearing in the call option.

            The problem of searching for themes has been solved.

            Users can now select all messages from the home screen of the Pink WhatsApp app.

            You can request a report of all your account data and settings, as well as account transfers.

            The deleted messages notification may not appear on some devices, and this issue has been fixed in this update.

            . Some languages such as Italian and Portuguese have been updated.

            The problem of sending topics has been solved. Several additional fixes have also been implemented.

              Features of Pink WhatsApp

              Download Pink WhatsApp. It does not have any problems like ban and update problems.

              WhatsApp Pink This version is completely safe. When you enter the application settings, you will see that it has been completely improved.

              Added group calling feature for multiple participants. Also included is multi chat capability.

              The function of deleting messages from both sides has been added for a long time.

              You can activate the function of preventing deletion of cases. Just go to your Pink WhatsApp settings and activate the feature of not deleting the status to view deleted cases without the knowledge of the other party.

              You can also see which statuses have been deleted next to the time.

              The duration of the status has been increased to 10 minutes instead of 30 seconds as in the original application.

              The developer has added a scheduled messages feature. The video can be up to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds.

              You can hide your presence in the application QUWhatsApp.

              You can block Wi-Fi in the app only, but it will still be active and working in other apps.

              You can also see how many times you have forwarded a message, the so-called message order.

              You can choose who can contact you.

              There is an option to turn off notifications.

              Up to 8 templates added on the home screen.

              There is a Quranic application within this program. And also dhikr, Quranic verses and hadiths.

              Changes have been added to the floating button in the QUWhatsApp application.

              Now you do not need to download fonts in the Pink WhatsApp application, as the developer has added the fonts in the application itself.

                How to download Pink WhatsApp apk

                User can easily download Pink WhatsApp. To do this, he just has to enter the request in his browser, download the downloader and install QUWhatsApp.

                This is possible for Android, iPhone and Windows devices.

                The download link will be available to the user easily and simply.

                He can download the application from popular websites or blogs to avoid damaging his device with a malicious file.

                The uploaded file size does not exceed 55 MB.

                Features of the QUWhatsApp application

                Here are some features of Pink WhatsApp download.

                The user can easily chat with his friends on the QUWhatsApp application in different groups, and send and receive many files, photos, videos of different sizes, and various audio files.

                One of the many features of our application is the ability to hide your status when the user is online or using Pink WhatsApp, and to chat with other people and appear to be online within the WhatsApp Pink application. This is particularly useful for users who work for companies that need to maintain privacy.

                Users can easily send group messages across different groups. Our app also has the ability to auto-reply when the user is busy talking on the phone or playing a game.

                For more privacy, the user can use different types of lock for QUWhatsApp such as PIN, fingerprint or password. This allows the user to easily see who visited their profile.

                The user can also easily see who has viewed his status on Pink WhatsApp, change the message font due to the large number of clients or friends, and also delete a message sent by mistake. The program will remove it from WhatsApp.

                The user can easily see who sent group or individual messages once they set up the software.

                You can also send more than a hundred images instead of the ten used in regular WhatsApp.

                For different statuses in Pink WhatsApp, the user can see who viewed them and also easily select who will view their statuses except other people.

                The program can also send high-quality images and has many other features.

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